Specialist in the development and construction of moving floor trailers

Kraker Trailers are specialists in the development and construction of absolute top-quality moving floor trailers. Light & robust Flexible in use. Suitable for almost any transport requirement. Easy to maintain and repair, with a long service life and stellar guarantee on the paintwork and structure. After many years of focusing exclusively on the development and production of moving floor trailers, we have earned the right to call ourselves "Masters in Moving Floor Trailers".

Our trailers are among the best in the world. They are fitted with a range of smart options that make work easier, more comfortable and safer for drivers, technicians and loaders. People are happy to work with their Kraker trailers.

Our trailers are manufactured using the most modern techniques and the latest machines in a high-tech factory in the Netherlands (Axel, Zeeland). The production process is largely automated, which guarantees a very high and consistent quality. Fully automatic welding and drilling robots and an integrated painting line guarantee the consistent quality of Kraker trailers.

Kraker Trailers manufactures various types of moving floor trailers, and the K-Force series serves as the benchmark of quality. The production method used for the K-Force is revolutionary. The trailers, which are produced in line, are modular and available with various specifications.

The extensive options available mean that customer-specific solutions can be easily provided.

We deliver our vehicles worldwide: unique to the K-Force concept is the efficient, worldwide shipping and delivery.

In addition to full assembly (ready trailers that are collected from Kraker Trailers in Axel), the K-Force is also available as a kit. The K-Force moving floor trailer can be assembled and disassembled on location.