Easy to repair

Maintenance and repair costs are an important part of the kilometre costs. In order to keep the cost of ownership as low as possible, unexpected downtime due to damage and repair must be kept to an absolute minimum.

300_easy_to_repair_geel.pngYour trailer should be stationary as little as possible. However, maintenance and repair are inevitable at times, even with strong Kraker trailers. Kraker Trailers does everything in its power to ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Our moving floor trailers are built according to the Easy to Repair principle. Many of the parts on your trailer are bolted instead of welded. This means that a part can be replaced quickly and correctly. This approach also offers a quality advantage, because it is much better to screw in a new part than having to weld a broken part. The weld remains a weak point, but the screwed part is completely new and can last for years.

The parts we use are standardised. Our service partners keep the most common spare parts in stock. Parts that are not in stock are ordered from our factory in Axel and quickly delivered throughout Europe.

Some examples of the Easy to Repair principle:
  • detachable bumper, lighting plate, mudguard supports and side cover
  • the semi-trailer and chassis are connected by screws, which makes it easy to separate them from each other
  • the lighting, brake and air suspension system runs modularly through one central cable duct
  • Detachable stainless steel hinges and locks
  • The tarpaulin is assembled through a tendon in the sail
  • Detachable rear beam
  • The sidewalls, bulkhead and crossbars are bolted together.
  • Detachable platform
  • Detachable angled headboards