Easy to use

600_easy_to_use_geel.pngKraker Trailers wants you to enjoy working with your moving floor trailer. You must be able to work safely and things must work well. We paid extra attention to this ease of use during the development of all types of moving floor trailers.

In development and production, we have combined our years of experience and your practical feedback from the field. In practice, this can be seen in the following examples:

  • Ergonomic platform with double steps and safety provisions
  • Integrated handles in the rear door posts
  • Working lights around the trailer
  • Pneumatic door locks for the axles
  • Rounded corners around the trailer
  • Hinged mudflap for lighting
  • Ideal bumper / light box position relative to the rear side
  • Stainless steel door locking handles
  • Extendable stairs from rear beam
  • Hinged side cover