K-Force concept


Light and robust. Strong and smart. Economical. Flexible in use and suitable for almost any transport requirement. Easy to maintain and repair, with a long service life and a guarantee on the paintwork and structure.
Meet the K-Force from Kraker Trailers.

Since 2000, Kraker Trailers has been concentrating exclusively on the development and construction of top-quality moving floor trailers. The qualification "Masters in Moving Floor Trailers" is therefore more than justified. This focus on development and innovation led to the K-Force, the very first moving floor trailer where the welds subject to the heaviest loads have been replaced by screw joints. In 2016, after years of drawing, calculating, building and extensively testing a prototype, Kraker Trailers introduced this next generation trailer throughout Europe.

400_foto_kraker_trailers_204.jpgThe K-Force is unquestionably the strongest moving floor trailer produced anywhere in the world. Kraker's K-Force trailers are fitted with a range of smart options that make work easier, more comfortable and safer for drivers, technicians and loaders, so that people can work confidently and safely with their K-Force.

Strong, flexible screw joints

One of the most important innovations of the K-Force is the application of screw joints. Scientific research as well as extensive experiments and tests underlined the significant advantages of screw joints. Incidentally, did you know that screw joints have been used throughout history in sectors such as the aviation and truck industries?

400_foto_kraker_trailers_201.jpgA screw joint that has been set to the correct tension will never come loose. The process is fully manageable and verifiable. Kraker Trailers was also the first manufacturer to recognise the benefits of this type of application in the construction of moving floor trailers. This approach has proven to be very successful, because there are currently thousands of this type of trailer in use. The market is also no longer limited to Europe, as Kraker Trailers has developed an ingenious production method to deliver the K-Force around the world.

The production method allows Kraker to produce strong, flexible, lightweight K-Force trailers, with a long life span, a high residual value and a unique guarantee scheme.

During the development of the K-Force, the reliability of the trailer has been taken into account to the finest detail. Read more about the exceptional details that make the K-Force what it is: a strong, reliable trailer.

Kraker Trailers never compromises on the quality of the trailers. They are designed for their intended use: light when possible, strong where needed.

We are always looking for the best balance between reducing weight and durability. A lower tare weight immediately results in a higher load capacity. Any reduction in weight, however, must never be at the expense of the durability of your Kraker vehicle. After all, a trailer that cannot move cannot make any money.