Low costs, longer life!

Kraker Trailers offers a unique guarantee on the structure and paintwork.

300_low_costs_longer_life_geel.pngAt Kraker Trailers, we believe in the power of our vehicles and this is reflected in the support we offer you. Our craftsmanship, combined with the application of top-quality materials and strict quality control, allows us to provide a guarantee of up to five years on the structure and paintwork of our moving floor trailers.

Each new Kraker trailer comes with a standard five-year guarantee. The annual inspection (periodical guarantee inspection or GPK) means that the current maintenance status is always clear and the guarantee is maintained. The inspection is carried out by an authorised service partner. Kraker Trailers has an extensive network of service partners, so there is sure to be one near you at all times. This annual inspection also allows you to have preventive maintenance carried out. Together we can keep your moving floor trailer in top condition to keep maintenance costs low, while maintaining high level of operational reliability and a long service life.