K-Force trailers are modular builded

The trailers have a modular construction, and this modular principle allows for quick and easy repairs.

A Kraker moving floor trailer is expected to perform optimally under all conditions. Sometimes these circumstances result in unexpected damage or unplanned repairs. It is important to keep unplanned downtime to an absolute minimum. Our modular structure, which is reflected in our Easy to Repair philosophy, helps in this regard.

All components that we use in the construction of your trailer have been tested against the Easy to Repair principle and have been standardised. The Kraker Trailers service centres keep most commonly used parts in stock. Any parts that are not available will be delivered by Kraker Trailers or an external supplier within 24 hours.

Some examples of the Easy to Repair principle include:

  • Detachable bumper, lighting plate, mudguard supports and side cover
  • Modular lighting, brake and air suspension system in a central cable duct
  • Detachable stainless steel hinges and locks
  • The tarpaulin is assembled through a tendon in the sail
  • Detachable rear beam
  • The sidewalls, bulkhead and crossbars are bolted together.