K-Force: durable and aesthetically pleasing
The modular production method used for the K-Force makes it possible to spray assembly components in an advanced fully automatic spray line that is integrated in the factory and that has been specially developed for the K-Force production line.

Before assembly the components are sanded, chemically cleaned, primed and sprayed in the desired colour. Kraker Trailers uses a chromate-free primer with the same adhesive and anti-corrosion properties as the primers used in the past. The spraying method guarantees top quality, which is backed up by a guarantee of up to five years from Kraker Trailers. 

Kraker Trailers created a largely automated process, from sanding of the parts and welding, up to chemical pre-treatment and application of the primer and coating. A special head sprays the coating onto the walls using an electrostatic process with minimal waste and a high degree of adhesion. The paintwork results in a beautiful and very representative vehicle. All steel parts of the trailer (not just the sheet metal) are galvanised and sprayed.

The entire treatment can be summarised in 4 steps:

- first the surface is mechanically sanded

- this is followed by a Zirconisation process

- a chromate-free primer

- and then a varnish is applied in the desired colour.

The results: visible high quality with a five-year guarantee.