Production method

How is the K-Force produced?

Kraker trailers are manufactured using the most modern techniques and the latest machines in a high-tech factory in the Netherlands. The production method used for the K-Force is revolutionary.
The production process is largely automated, which guarantees a very high and consistent quality.

Kraker's K-Force stands apart from all other types of moving floor trailers by applying bolted connections in places with a high dynamic load.
Unlike welded joints, bolted connections are somewhat flexible and can therefore easily handle high peak loads. Kraker Trailers utilises aluminium where possible and steel where necessary, thereby optimally combining both materials.

All our products are tested under tough practical conditions to ensure top-quality moving floor trailers are delivered with a guarantee of up to five years.

Welding alters the mechanical properties of the aluminium by introducing heat. Thicker materials are often preferred to allow for changes in mechanical properties.
With screw joints, no heat is introduced and a thinner version of the materials is used. As a result, Kraker trailers have a lower tare weight, while retaining full strength.

After the moving floor system, the main components of a moving floor trailer are the sidewalls. The very strong upper and lower edges are assembled with 600 mm wide panels and fully welded. The upper edges of the semi-trailer are reinforced with a steel head angle.
The support frame is composed of high-grade steel profiles. Connected with advanced screw joints, the entire unit forms a strong structure. The 41 crossbars provide optimum stability of the floor construction, as is also the case with the reinforcement plates above the axles.