Operational reliability

During the development of the K-Force, Kraker Trailers took the reliability of the trailer into account in the finest detail. For example, special wiring harness systems are placed in transit ducts with sealed junction boxes and water resistant wire connections to ensure that frequently moist bulk loads will not have any detrimental effect on the electric system. After all, in the event of a short circuit in the electrical system, the moving floor will no longer work. And of course that is not why you invested in a moving floor trailer.

Another example is that we have fully integrated the guidance and structure of the coupling section into the body. The greatest strain that a trailer is subject to is often during coupling and uncoupling. This way the peak load is optimally distributed across the semi-trailer.

To put it layman’s terms, the clever steel construction of the K-Force coupling section can take a beating.

The moving floor is the most wear-sensitive part of the moving floor trailer.

Our unique support structure under the moving floor contributes greatly to reducing wear and tear and lowering maintenance costs.

The floors used by Kraker Trailers are supported by a large number of crossbars (number depends on the type/size of the trailer) and H-profile transversal support with very limited distance between them. This structure makes the support for the moving floor extremely strong. Forklift truck loading is therefore not a problem. The rear beam is one set profile made of stainless steel. The rigid structure provides additional support at the rear of the moving floor, making it less susceptible to wear and tear and more resistant to the impact of falling cargo. The service life of the floor is significantly increased and maintenance costs are reduced accordingly.