Female welder in the factory

Female welder in the factory

Sarah Anceaux has been working in the workshop at Kraker Trailers as a trainee Construction bench worker/washer since May 2022.

How did you find this internship?

Sarah: “My mother used to work as a job coach. She had good experiences with Kraker Trailers as a placement company and recommended Kraker Trailers.”

How do you like your internship so far?

“I really like my internship so far. The colleagues are helpful and keep a close eye on each other. In addition, my foreman regularly comes around to check that everything is going well and that everyone is working properly. Last week I had my first opportunity to weld. My colleagues were very pleased with my welding skills. That was my best day so far," says Sarah.

Sarah is proud of her work because she is a female welder and you don't see that very often. "I love working with my hands. Besides, it is tough, heavy and, above all, fun work. I go home feeling satisfied when I have welded," says Sarah.

Plans for the future

Sarah has a clear goal in mind. She first wants to do a level 1 course next. After that, she wants to take the BBL Technology course at Scalda. She hopes she can continue to learn and work at Kraker during these courses. Finally, Sarah wants to take another 2-year course at Zeeland Welding School.

Why do you recommend Kraker Trailers to fellow students?

“I would recommend Kraker Trailers to students who want to learn to weld, build or assemble. There is a good working atmosphere in the workshop and we admire each other. In addition, there are colleagues of many different nationalities walking around. This allows me to practice my English at the same time.”