Kraker-purchaser Johan van de Velde pedals thousands of kilometres every year

Kraker-purchaser Johan van de Velde pedals thousands of kilometres every year

Johan cycled over 9,000 kilometres in 2022. Effortless. If cycling is your hobby, nothing beats having your employer approach you and ask, "would you like a new bike? We would be happy to help you with our bicycle plan." Johan van de Velde talks about his busy job, cycling and the Kraker Trailers bicycle plan.

Johan has been working at Kraker Trailers as a buyer for over five years already. He processes orders, prepares confirmations, and places orders. The bulk of orders are placed by Johan and an immediate colleague, he says. And that does not include the "in-between orders", (like a bolt, a nut, a hammer) that he often handles when someone in production needs something. He enjoys the hectic pace of his job. "Before joining Kraker, I worked at a technical wholesaler in Terneuzen for 21 years. It was busy there, too, and I gained a lot of knowledge there that also serves me well now," Johan says.

From football to cycling

Johan is enthusiastic when he talks about his job. He is clearly in the right place. When the topic of cycling comes up, Johan really gets into his stride. “I used to play football for years. A true footballer by origin. When I had to give up playing football due to knee problems, I continued to be on the pitch or along the sidelines with my son every week." After knee surgery and rehabilitation after that, Johan had no choice but to resign himself to the fact that his footballing days were over. "I want to keep moving, stay fit. I came to work here in October, so right before the holidays. During this period there are many treats here at the office such as cake, biscuits, and so on. After 3 months at Kraker, I had gained 3 kilograms. I didn’t like that, so I started cycling. In the beginning, I only cycled occasionally, but that grew to over 9,000 km by 2022."

 Unlike football, cycling does not place a heavy strain on your knees, Johan explains. "You stress your legs with constant movement, but the pressure exerted on them is not the same as in football or running. When I started cycling, I bought a second-hand bike. Now that I cycle so much, I thought it was time to invest in a good, new bike. Jan (de Kraker) heard about this and he said, "wait until January, then you can buy a new bike through our bicycle plan." That is exactly what he did.

"Lease a Bike" if you work at Kraker

If you work at Kraker Trailers, you have the option of leasing a bike via Lease a Bike through the fringe benefits. This way, as an employee, you can lease a bicycle inexpensively including a tax benefit. You can choose from more than 350 brands, such as a trendy city bike, a cargo bike for the family or a racing bike. This plan is open to employees of Kraker Trailers. This way, Kraker Trailers stimulates the vitality of its employees!

So, as an employee of Kraker Trailers, there is little to stop you from enjoying the Zeeland polders by bike, just like Johan!