DTC in Friesland has an impressive number of Krakers

DTC in Friesland has an impressive number of Krakers

Transport: a combination of clear thinking and reliable action

DTC from Drachten, Friesland, calculates how long a vehicle will last, down to the last kilometre. Nothing is left to chance: DTC believes that transport is a matter of clear thinking and reliable action. The first contact between DTC and Kraker was in 2008 and we are now 13 years and 35 Krakers down the road. Louw van der West, co-owner of DTC, talked about the added value of Kraker.

Beneath the Frisian down-to-earth attitude at DTC is a warm heart for the transport of waste and other goods, and for their drivers. DTC stands apart because of their equipment and their specialisation in the various waste streams. The human and open way of doing business also make it a remarkable company.

Buying trailers
"It's all about the product and the person who comes to you," Louw van der West started the conversation. "We bought the first batch of Krakers in 2008, and then a few more in 2011. As part of our multi-brand policy, we also bought other brands in the period 2011-2017. That was until we got in touch with John Hesselink from Kraker in 2017. John provides a few immediate benefits: he is a pleasant negotiator and has a good network to sell our used vehicles." John joined in: "We're making a suitable solution together, and you quickly figure out it's actually not that exciting. You have to be good at the full puzzle: understanding what product and what design the customer wants and making sure it is delivered exactly as it should be. I can help the customer to sell used vehicles through my network." It is evident from the fact that DTC only buys Krakers now, that this works well for them.In the past they bought CF-200, later in combination with K-Force. Last year we bought the first trailer with a semi leak floor and we have since bought a series of 8 moving floor trailers with this type of floor.

Louw does business on a personal basis. "We are known as down-to-earth Frisians, but it's your word that counts. We bought our first K-Force in 2019. The K-Force trailers have the same specific options as our other trailers. John sells a good product, so he can join us with a clear conscience."

DTC's trailers have an extensive option package that is specifically geared to transporting waste of all types, sizes and shapes. One remarkable aspect is that it is not only about functionality, but also about appearance. "In recent years, we have opted for Alcoa rims and special wide-angle lights, all-round working lights (also in the body), cameras at the rear, thickened tarpaulins, and a waste cover. The driver uses an air system to spray the rails clean. The painted hubs and the metallic grey body of the trailers ensure that our drivers can also feel proud. Our trailers are tailored to the driver's wishes within a standard package. These are the people who have to work with it and we listen to them," declared Louw. "The trailers are all fitted with flexi-straps, which is more comfortable for the drivers. We look at what is needed to do their job well. We make every effort in this regard. The same goes for the trucks. This effort is worth it, because we have virtually no driver turnover. It is important for us that Kraker takes the comments from our drivers to heart. One call to John is enough and the next trailers are adapted exactly as we want them."

DTC has at least 35 Krakers. That includes the "oldies", the trailers older than 6 years from the Koning & Drenth acquisition in 2020. Louw explained: “A trailer is used for a maximum of 6 years. The merger with Koning & Drenth also resulted in us getting a few older Krakers. They were still used on a daily basis. They were still in good shape, but we nevertheless decided to update them. The entire international fleet is therefore up to date again. Our vehicles are used intensively. At first we had the standard 10 mm floor, but we wanted lighter vehicles. We decided on 6 mm floors. Trailers with a semi leak floor are automatically 8 mm thick. Such a floor also lasts longer in our line of work." The eight new moving floor trailers with a semi-leak floor are used to transport ADR waste that leaks liquid, such as oil wipes and the like.

DTC specialises in the transport of waste, ranging from hazardous to non-hazardous, ADR waste and bulk waste. "In addition to the 92m3 moving floor tippers (from 30 to 60m3), we have Tautliners, container trucks and 62m2 silo bulk trailers. In terms of waste, we can handle anything."

Since the merger, K&D has been planning regional traffic and international transport for both companies. Because of the merger, we also have a site close to the German border with its own washing area and garage. That makes us completely independent. With trucks you sometimes have to deal with the computer-controlled part, but with the trailers we do everything ourselves. We are modifying the washing area and garage to accommodate other companies as well," Louw continued.

DTC is known for its transparency, expertise and down-to-earth approach. It is important to always maintain mutual respect. "The service for our customers is great, but it must not be at the expense of everything else. We are happy to assume social responsibility together with our customers. That means no overloading, observing driving and rest times and reducing carbon emissions. And we only work with qualified, Dutch drivers. We try to grow in a responsible manner through collaborations, mergers or acquisitions. Combining expertise, people and resources provides the best service."

"We have all the required permits to transport hazardous, non-hazardous and ADR waste in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. We adapted our fleet in time and we have the right knowledge and qualified people to continue serving the UK market. We specifically choose the 'difficult' cargoes, because that is where we show our added value. Whereas others take the easy way out, we don't," Louw van der West concluded.