K-Force Standard

K-Force, the next generation moving floor trailers
The K-Force is not only the lightest* moving floor trailer available, but also the strongest. With a K-Force, the joints that are subjected to the heaviest loads have been replaced by screw joints. Steel is used in the K-Force where needed and aluminium where possible. By combining these materials in a well-balanced manner, a K-Force weighs only about 7 tons*.

K-Force Agri

K-Force Agri, for agricultural work
The K-Force Agri has been specifically developed for use in the agricultural sector. This type has a welded chassis and shorter wheelbase. The K-Force Agri provides convenience on smaller and less accessible locations where manoeuvrability is important, such as farmyards.

K-Force UK

The K-Force, including all of its typical features, is also available in a so-called UK version. This means that in addition to the standard K-Force features, a number of options have been added that have been specially developed for the English market.

K-Force Waste

The Kraker K-Force Waste is simply stronger than everything else around.
This trailer has been specially developed for transporting waste and scrap under very demanding conditions. As you would expect from Kraker's moving floor trailers, the K-Force Waste achieves an optimum distribution between volume and weight.

K-Force Steered

Steered trailers are increasingly in demand due to the growing congestion on the road, the large number of roundabouts, and often inaccessible or cramped loading and unloading bays.
The K-Force series also includes a steered trailer, which is available with either the 3rd axle steered, or a combination of the 1st and 3rd axle steered.


THE trailer for wide or undividable cargo!
The CF-502 has 2 side doors, each 6.2 m wide. This type of trailer is used for transporting cargo wider than 2.5m or for long, undividable cargo. An additional advantage of the CF-502 is that pallets can be quickly loaded and unloaded through the side doors.


Kraker's CF-503 makes the impossible possible!
Combined cargo, cargo that needs to be loaded or unloaded at different locations or where speed is a necessity: Kraker's CF-503 makes it possible! The CF-503 is equipped with a hydraulic sidewall that can be opened and closed at any time.