Fast delivery of Kraker parts in EU countries

Fast delivery of Kraker parts in EU countries

Kraker Trailers online store

The Kraker Trailers online store has been designed to be easy to use

Major changes are underway at Kraker Trailers. A big step towards the future is the launch of the online store. The site is of interest to anyone who has a Kraker moving floor trailer, as well as people who do not have a Kraker.

400_afbeelding_kraker_webshop_1.pngThe Kraker online store is all about customer convenience and taking service to the customer. Besides ordering spare parts, you can also get more information about your trailer by using the "my trailer" function. There you can find almost everything about your vehicle, including spare parts, wiring diagrams, axle numbers and the thickness of the floorboards.

The Kraker Trailers online store has been designed to be easy to use. So you could say that the "easy to use" philosophy that we apply in the development and construction of our moving floor trailers is also reflected in the online store. For example, allow us to walk you through the process of ordering spare parts.  On the homepage of the website there is a "register" button. Simply click on this button and enter your details to create a unique Kraker account. Kraker Trailers then assigns a discount code, which is sent together with the message that the account has been activated. You can now shop in our online store.

An invoice is sent out for payment at a later date.

Hundreds of parts, available in all countries

Kraker Trailers has the 600 most requested and sold parts available in the online store. The database will be continually expanded, because the online store allows Kraker to identify which other parts are in demand.

The online store is currently already available in several languages, and even more languages will be added in the coming period. It is important for customers to register to take full advantage of any customer discount that may apply. Invoices are sent from the dealer in the country from which the order is placed. For example: the German owner of a moving floor trailer orders parts through the Kraker online store. The financial processing is handled through TrailerTec GmbH, without affecting the customer discount.

Rico de Feijter, Floris Jan Beumer and Thomas Poulsen are responsible for the online store within Kraker Trailers. Rico has been closely involved in the development process and Floris Jan and Thomas are keeping a close eye on the functioning of the online store, because, as with all new things, some minor improvements may be necessary along the way. If this happens, please contact Floris Jan and Thomas and they will take care of it.

Fast delivery

Kraker Trailers guarantees fast delivery. The aim is to deliver within one working day within the EU. The actual delivery time depends on factors such as stock availability, but this will be communicated with your order.
Delivery to countries outside the EU should take up to three days. Faster delivery can always be discussed.



The Masters in Moving Floor Trailers has added a separate section to the online store; Kraker items such as jackets, backpacks, water bottles, etc. can be ordered under the heading "Lifestyle".