Bulk and pallets: that is the added value of Kraker for FarmTrans

Bulk and pallets: that is the added value of Kraker for FarmTrans

Everything revolves around functionality at FarmTrans. Unlike hopper trailers, of which FarmTrans has a large number, moving floor trailers offer the possibility of transporting bulk and then return pallets, or vice versa. This minimises the number of empty journeys, which is something Farm Trans highly values. Kraker's K-Force enables FarmTrans to combine several transport flows, and that means a substantial expansion of the FarmTrans service package. The company has also demonstrated that corporate social responsibility is high on its agenda, because by limiting empty runs, it reduces CO2 emissions.

Agricultural application

FarmTrans is a dominant player in its field, with just under 300 tractor vehicles and a wide range of vehicles, several dozen of which are now Kraker K-Force. Over a period of eighteen months FarmTrans bought several K-Force series, with volumes ranging from 93 m3 to 76 m3. It is very important for FarmTrans that Kraker can respond to their demand for shorter, more manoeuvrable trailers. Kraker's K-Force Agri has been specifically developed for agricultural applications, with a shorter wheelbase and higher manoeuvrability, which makes it a very useful moving floor trailer for FarmTrans.

Focus on moving floor trailer

Theo Bos, bulk manager at FarmTrans, explained his preference for Kraker:
"At Kraker the focus is exclusively on the development and production of moving floor trailers. This is also evident in the product: the trailers offer that little bit extra in terms of finish and quality. Options such as a roller tarpaulin with quick-release fastener, a special coating on the entire inside of the sidewalls for transporting food and the option of incorporating grain hatches in the rear doors are also important to FarmTrans. The interior lighting in the trailer and the location of the control panel (for the first axle) are an advantage for us. The low tare weight and ease of operation make Kraker vehicles extremely suitable for Farm Trans."
That is very positive feedback from another satisfied K-Force user.