K-Force - the technology

K-Force - the technology

The moving floor trailer with the longest service life: the technology explained

The moving floor is the most expensive part of your trailer. Your K-Force moving floor will last a long time thanks to its unique properties and our production method. This is due to the following important reasons:

  • Shape-retaining structure
  • Innovative structure
  • Heavy duty
  • Low internal friction

K-Force - the types


You get a 5-year guarantee on your moving floor trailer. Only available from Kraker Trailers. Because we stand by our product.

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Our service partners maintain and repair your moving floor trailer. They are also partners for Cargo Floor, BPW, SAF, Weweler, Jost, Valx and WABCO, among others. Together, they have the knowledge, experience and spare parts to serve you quickly and professionally

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