5-year guarantee

You get a 5-year guarantee on the construction.

You only get that from Kraker


We give you security, confidence and guarantee. A promise is a promise. Trailer construction is technology, but it's also about people. Not everything can go right. A lot happens in five years.

Register your trailer now at our online Service Center

Register in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register/login via our online service center.
  2. Wait for the login confirmation from Kraker
  3. Fill in the chassis number of your trailer(s).

Now your guarantee has been extended! It's that easy.

This is the only way to get a 5-year guarantee on your trailer.

These are the advantages you get

  • You have a 5-year guarantee instead of 2
  • Your guarantee will be transferred to the next owner when you sell your trailer, increasing the residual value
  • You have 24/7 access to online help and insight into the guarantees via our online Service Center
  • You have direct insight into the parts of your trailer and can order these parts directly
  • You have a direct overview of 1 or more trailers

Use our online Service Center

Transport always continues, even in the evening and at weekends. In that case you also need technical data or spare parts for your trailer.

  • In our online Service Center you can find information about the trailer 24/7, easily and quickly, such as manuals, diagrams and the master card of your trailer.
  • You can easily add photos to your online guarantee application.
  • You buy the parts for your trailer here.

Visit our online Service Center

Benefit from our service network in Europe

Kraker is represented by dealers and service partners in almost all of Europe. This means that every Kraker customer has good, high-quality support close at hand. You can count on the service of qualified staff thanks to this dealer and service network. Your local dealer will always speak to you in your own language.

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Technical support by our experienced After Sales staff

Do you have any questions or need help? You can easily reach us at service@krakertrailers.nl or call us at 0115-561740.