Four new service partners to keep you on the road

Four new service partners to keep you on the road

Kraker Trailers expands its service network in the Netherlands

As a Kraker driver you can rely on an extensive network of service partners throughout Europe. This network is also still expanding in the Netherlands and we recently added four new partners to the network. One of them is Edwin van Gool Mobile Equipment.

This service partner has a generously equipped service van that he uses whenever a Kraker customer unexpectedly finds himself stuck somewhere along a road or highway. In case of a breakdown, Edwin van Gool will come to you with his service van. He can handle simple jobs on the road, but for more difficult jobs, the vehicle is taken to Edwin's workshop to be repaired. Just like the other service partners, Edwin also completed his training at Kraker. He was only allowed to call himself an authorised Kraker Service Partner after he had successfully completed the training.

Edwin, and all other service partners, stock a wide range of commonly used parts. What they do not have in stock is ordered and delivered in the Netherlands, most often the next day. This way, we try to keep your unexpected downtime to an absolute minimum.

The contact number for Edwin van Gool Mobile Equipment is +316 55 74 60 62.

Kraker Trailers also added the following companies as service partners:

-K&D Truck & Trailer Service in Beerta
-Lumas Truck & Trailer Service in Alphen aan de Rijn
-Van de Krol European Trailercare in Barneveld