NordicWay Logistics takes customer-oriented transport to the next level

NordicWay Logistics takes customer-oriented transport to the next level

A few years ago, Mihai Donciu founded the Danish transport company NordicWay Logistics. Mihai had a clear objective: a transport company that provides real added value for customers. Or, to put it in their own words: "We offer our customers a complete package of Supply Chain Management solutions, tailored to their specific needs and requirements."

Customers can track cargo online

NordicWay Logistics has grown in the space of a few years into a company that offers clients next-level solutions. The first months as a "new player on the market" were challenging, but NordicWay quickly proved its worth.

NordicWay Logistics invested heavily in a good IT structure. The current status of shipments is always clear to customers. Customers register their orders in an online environment and can then follow everything in real time.

NordicWay's success is not only based on a good IT infrastructure, but also the material and people. For the transport of waste, including heavy waste, and sand, NordicWay uses Kraker moving floor trailers. The decision to use Kraker was a conscious one as Mihai was already familiar with the Dutch brand from an earlier career. "I also worked with other brands in the past. For NordicWay, those brands were not an option as they had too much downtime. They are simply not up to the tough working conditions and the products we transport. Kraker has proven in practice that they are capable of handling anything," said Mihai. He continued, "We mainly transport products with high volume and weight, such as metal and scrap. It is therefore clear that the trailers must then meet certain requirements. Our Krakers all have a 10 mm floor and wear plates on the inside. A floor tarpaulin protects the floor and ensures that no dust or sand gets between the planks. Patrick Wieland, our contact person at Kraker, always contributes ideas so that we have trailers that seamlessly match what we are looking for."

Smart partnerships

NordicWay has established smart cooperation with other carriers, which allows it to transport a variety of products throughout Europe. They are not limited to transporting products where you need a moving floor. NordicWay also handles tanker and container transport, as well as fresh, refrigerated or frozen products. NordicWay delivers everything to the right place throughout Europe. And that is only a part of the services that NordicWay offers. If you want to know more about this driven carrier, it is well worth your time to have a look at


Growing, together with Kraker

Cooperation is an important word for Mihai. His company invests in long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers such as Kraker.

Mihai is pleased with the cooperation with Kraker and therefore looks to the future with confidence. "NordicWay continues to grow. We have established our place in the market and we need vehicles that are reliable and strong. And when it comes to moving floor trailer transport, that means Kraker!"