Greenhaul: sustainable transport innovation with Kraker trailers

Greenhaul: sustainable transport innovation with Kraker trailers

In 2015, the British Simon Lee founded the company Greenhaul with his wife. He saw a gap in the market in terms of sustainability in the transport sector, and started transporting biomass (among other things) such as recyclable waste and woodchips. Lee opted for K-Force moving floor trailers from Kraker, with a capacity of 100m3. "Greenhaul hardly ever has to deal with empty kilometres. We drive with a load 95% of the time," Simon says.

Kraker trailers versatile in every season

The strength of Simon's company lies in the multifunctional use of moving floor trailers and smart planning of return trips. The different seasons also play a role: "In winter, we tend to transport more woodchips because there is a higher demand for them in that season. On the return journey we can take pallets, for example, or another product''.
According to Simon Lee, Kraker's moving floors are the "stars of the show".  Simon Lee has tried several brands, but Kraker's K-Force is Lee's favourite. The lightweight Greenhault trailers are equipped with various options. The latest purchase, which was made in November 2023 through TrailerTec UK, Kraker's sales organisation, included Dura-Bright rims and automatic roof tarpaulins. The most striking option, however, is the folding bumper developed by Kraker. The bumper makes it easier to unload above a bunker, while protecting the lighting. An additional advantage is that no residual material is left behind on the bumper. "We definitely want the same bumper on our next Krakers," says the British entrepreneur.

Sustainability and driving comfort go hand in hand

All of the Greenhaul trailers are K-Forces. A multi-brand policy is currently still in place, but the new trailers being purchased are K-Forces. This carrier absolutely believes in the concept where heavy-duty welds have been replaced by screw joints. The modular structure of K-Force also really appeals to Lee. This structure of K-Force keeps repair turnaround time to an absolute minimum, while ensuring a high level of repair quality. With welding, you repair a broken or damaged part, which potentially remains a weak spot afterwards. With a modular, bolted trailer, broken or damaged parts are replaced with new ones.

Another plus point, according to Lee, is that the moving floors are laid so efficiently that a different product can be placed in that same trailer after a quick, thorough cleaning. Greenhaul's trailers transport everything from biomass and hay bales to supermarket stock pallets. This broad applicability is a key factor in Greenhaul's efficiency. Lee also considers it important for the drivers to be comfortable and safe when working with the trailers. When developing K-Force, Kraker Trailers invested optimally in the safety of the driver and his/her environment. K-Force's doors have pneumatic four-point locking. This lock ensures that the rear doors open safely and eliminates slack. The driver operates the lock with a button on the side of the trailer, which keeps the driver at a safe distance at all times when opening the doors. It is also easy to close the doors thanks to the smooth mechanism.

When it comes to trucks, Lee invests in Scanias. And not just the standard version, but the real deal, including one V8 S590 and two V8 S660, among others. This is the equipment that drivers like and work well with. All trucks are fitted with a coffee machine and microwave to make the driver's job as pleasant as possible.

Looking to the future

Simon Lee has big plans for Greenhaul: he wants to eventually double the size of his company. This means an ongoing investment in trucks and Kraker moving floor trailers. The fact that Kraker offers up to a five-year guarantee on the standard K-Force is also an important consideration for Lee. Michael, Simon's business partner, adds that he believes the trailers are built to be the very best: "They are easy to use, lightweight and incredibly strong."
Simon Lee is proud to say that Greenhaul is Norfolk's greenest and largest moving floor carrier, thanks in part to its Kraker moving floor trailers.

TrailerTec UK sales organisation

Kraker Trailers has a network of sales organisations in Europe that operates under the name TrailerTec. In the UK market, you can contact TrailerTec UK to purchase Kraker moving floor trailers. With a team of trailer specialists that can advise you on the best K-Force for your type of transport, they will review with you which options, if any, are needed. After purchase, you can count on TrailerTec UK's specialists for maintenance and repair.