Professionalism, quality and punctuality: the core values of Repinski Transport

Professionalism, quality and punctuality: the core values of Repinski Transport

Kraker Trailers is represented in Poland by TrailerTec Poland. Repinski is one of the regular customers of this branch of TrailerTec. Kraker in Poland has been supplying moving floor trailers to Repinski for years already, where they use the vehicles for their intended purpose: transporting as wide a range of products as possible. Repinski's combinations are impossible to miss, as the company creates true works of art from their vehicles.

Distinctive appearances of Repinski vehicles

The distinctive appearance of the vehicles has everything to do with Repinski owner Jaroslaw Repinski's passion for transport. Paintbrushed vehicles have become a typical Repinski feature, much to Jaroslaw's delight. Transport is not only work for him, it is also his main hobby.

To be honest, the word "hobby" does not do justice to what Repinski stands for: a carrier that operates according to a strict business philosophy in which professionalism, punctuality and care for the products entrusted to it are paramount. At Repinski, they go above and beyond when it comes to meeting customers' expectations. This is reflected in aspects such as the continuous development of staff competences and investment in the best equipment. Kraker's K-Force therefore fits perfectly into that picture.

Repinski employs more than 100 people and its fleet consists of around 70 vehicles, including trucks, tanks, tippers and, of course, Kraker K-Force moving floor trailers. In total, Repinski currently boasts 10 Krakers. Four were delivered in 2024 alone.

The company started at first with one moving floor trailer from another brand. This turned out to be a disappointing experience for several reasons. When they subsequently turned to Kraker, Repinski was immediately convinced of its quality.

The latest delivered K-Force is equipped with TPRS (Tire Pressure Regulation System), among other things. This system does not only monitor tire pressure, but also automatically corrects it in case of loss of pressure. As of July 2024, it will be mandatory in Europe to equip trailers with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which monitors tire pressure and sends a signal when pressure drops. Repinski opted for the more comprehensive version, where the pressure is restored, or to maintain the minimum pressure in case of a puncture. Additionally, this trailer has brake pad sensors, which reflects Repinksi's commitment to safety.

Repinski also opted for the folding bumper developed by Kraker. Since its introduction, this bumper has been one of the most frequently selected options by carriers across Europe.

Repinski's contacts related to Kraker moving floor trailers are mainly through TrailerTec Poland. The first contacts with Kraker date back to 2008, at which time the factory was still based in the Netherlands. Since the establishment of TrailerTec Poland, Jaroslaw Repinski has mainly been in contact with Lukasz Kedzia, who is the manager of the Polish sales organisation.

Repinski is very happy with TrailerTec Poland and Kraker's service as a manufacturer. There is direct communication with TrailerTec and when maintenance, repair or guarantee issues come up, they are dealt with immediately and accurately.