Hegelmann Group rates Kraker as the one of the best in moving floor trailers

Hegelmann Group rates Kraker as the one of the best in moving floor trailers

The German carrier Hegelmann Group conducted research on Kraker Trailers before entering into a partnership. A client with knowledge of moving floor trailers was asked for their opinion of Kraker and it was decided to contact Kraker based on their favourable opinion. With a positive result.

Hegelmann Group has an extensive fleet with a wide range of vehicles. The Hegelmann Group recognises the added value of moving floor trailers, which is why they are playing an increasingly prominent role. The wide range of applications is very important for the Hegelmann Group. This versatility ensures that the carrier can keep working even during the difficult months that the transport sector is known for. The Hegelmann Group believes that you can transport anything with a Kraker moving floor trailer.

Practical options for a longer service life and greater versatility

Hegelmann Group pursues a multi-brand policy. Kraker makes up the largest proportion of the moving floor trailers in their fleet, because they provide practical options, and that is exactly what the Hegelmann Group values. These options extend the service life of the trailers. A Rollfix and wear plates on the inside of the trailer, for example, make a Kraker highly versatile with a long service life. The first order from Hegelmann Group was guided by one of Kraker's sales specialists, who advised the company on the best options that fit their type of work. Hegelmann Group opted for a special floor, the X-Treme Durable Floor. Much of the work consists of transporting waste and heavy materials. With this floor and the other options, Hegelmann Group can safely carry out heavier work as well without damaging the trailer. The trailer is also optimally protected. After the order was placed, the Hegelmann Group was impressed with the process that followed. The company valued the fact that Kraker kept them well informed of progress. Any change in the delivery time was reported immediately. A lack of raw materials last year meant longer delivery times for everyone, but Kraker did everything possible to come as close as possible to the agreed delivery date, which helped the Hegelmann Group coordinate the delivery times for their trucks.

Service partners for an active fleet

The extensive network of service partners was another deciding factor for the Hegelmann Group. We operate throughout Europe. A major advantage is that maintenance and repair work can be carried out on Kraker vehicles in any country. This helps them to keep everything running smoothly. If anything should happen, Hegelmann Group can simply contact one of the Kraker service partners, who can help them get back on the road as soon as possible.

Preferred partner, now and in the future

Hegelmann Group always chooses the best, and based on their experience with Kraker, they are convinced that Kraker belongs to the absolute top. Hegelmann Group also highly recommends Kraker to others. If Hegelmann Group should need more moving floor trailers in the future, Kraker would be one of the first choices, reports this satisfied transport company.