Theobald followed advice from colleagues and chose Kraker

Theobald followed advice from colleagues and chose Kraker

German transport operator Theobald collected their first Kraker moving-floor trailer in Axel at the beginning of May. Having previously opted for moving floors from other brands, Theobald now followed the advice of fellow transport companies and opted for Kraker. A choice that owner Siegfried Theobald is very happy with.

Bulk products

Theobald mainly transports loose residual and waste products in Germany and Austria. These include waste wood, wood chips, sawdust, waste paper, compost, etc. The company was founded in 2013 and started out as a one-man company in which Siegfried did all the driving himself. Soon the company grew and it now employs 2 drivers plus an employee in the office. Theobald doesn't want to get much bigger than this, as the company's motto is "small, but good".

Clear requirements and good advice result in perfect trailer

Siegfried Theobald talks about his introduction to Kraker and experiences during the purchase process, delivery and working with the trailer in practice. "This is our 3rd moving-floor trailer," begins Siegfried Theobald. "We chose this type of vehicle because of its wide applicability. The trailer also had to meet all the requirements and demands you face as a transport operator. And that worked out very well. Moreover, I attach great importance to the overall picture: a fleet that you can be seen with, which also functions optimally with high operational reliability. The purchase of our moving-floor trailer went through TrailerTec GmbH. The TrailerTec salesman gave me very good advice about all of the options. I find it very important that options are functional and, in addition, they have to comply with the picture of an optically perfect fleet.

There is no doubt about the quality and workmanship of a Kraker trailer. The new Theobald trailer is equipped with a wide option package, including a folding bumper, a Rollfix tarpaulin for sidewall protection during loading, 2 lift axles, 2 additional working lights, a door in the headboard and 2 toolboxes. The colour of the Rollfix tarpaulin has been changed to match the black vehicle completely, and the (mandatory) side protection has been made in a closed version for looks. The Alcoa Alu rims complete the picture, resulting in the perfect Theobald trailer.

Knowledgeable and helpful

Theobald has been using the trailer for a while now, and when asked if the trailer meets expectations, Siegried replied with a resounding "yes". "The Kraker trailer fully meets my expectations. Perhaps it even exceeds them. When the trailer is unloaded, it's really empty thanks to the perfectly functioning moving bulkhead, it looks as if it has been swept. I have never seen that with any other brand.

But what strikes Theobald most of all is the personal approach at Kraker Trailers. "I collected my trailer on Saturday and was taken care of by Jan de Kraker. There was still some work to be done on the vehicle. During my time in Axel, I was given a tour of the factory and I noticed that everyone was equally friendly and helpful. You feel that Kraker is a family business, as a customer you have a sense of belonging. And you don't see that very often these days. We have already shared our positive experiences with Kraker with plenty of others.

5-year warranty

At Kraker Trailers, you can easily extend the manufacturer's warranty on the construction of standard K-Forces from 1 year to 5 years. All you have to do is register your vehicle in the online portal. For Theobald, this was decisive. "I compared different brands and on the recommendation of some colleagues I also looked at the options at Kraker. I was immediately convinced thatKraker gives you value for money. And when I heard that I also got a five-year warranty, the decision was quickly made. You can't get that anywhere else!"