Multiple products for different customers in one trip

Multiple products for different customers in one trip

K-Force Steered with double moving bulkhead for Braecke, a Belgium-based company

Kraker delivered a K-Force Steered to Braecke, a company based in Oostrozebeke. The company specialises in all kinds of ground cover, such as tree bark, (decorative) gravel, potting soil and various soil improvers.

The company, headed by Jean-Christophe Braecke, has its own large depot in Oostrozebeke, from where they supply their customers. Braecke delivers to both private and business customers the desired quantity of the product they need.

Jean-Christophe Braecke explained: "Our fleet consists of a number of trailers. We bought our first Kraker trailer in 1992. This trailer, which has reached a respectable age by now, is still in use every day. That shows the strength of Kraker, almost thirty years old and still as strong and reliable a vehicle as ever."

300_img_9048.jpgA Kraker trailer with a moving floor system was purchased in 2014. That vehicle also performed satisfactorily and when it was time for a new trailer in 2020, we again contacted Jan Platteau, the Kraker salesman. Together, we identified what exactly Braecke needed. "We chose a K-Force Steered," said Jean-Christophe Braecke, "with a length of 11.6 m, a standard height of 4 m and a volume of 71 m3. The trailer has a lift axle and a steered 3rd axle.

Other notable details are the double moving bulkhead and the double-hinged rear doors, for use in cramped areas. We opted for the double moving bulkhead to make it possible to transport partial loads. Tree bark and potting soil can now for example be carried for several customers in one trip. That is yet another way that this Kraker is the epitome of efficiency.