Niels Kuijlen is excited about Kraker’s folding bumper

Niels Kuijlen is excited about Kraker’s folding bumper

One of the carriers that recently opted for Krakers new folding bumper is Kuijlen Roosendaal. Read the story of Niels Kuijlen, the driven director of the company by the same name. He talked about the daily challenges, his fleet and, of course, the folding bumper.

Moving floor trailers for transporting various types of manure

Kuijlen Roosendaal is active in the agricultural sector. The company trades and transports various types of manure such as stringy manure, compost and champost (mushroom compost). Kuijlen uses tank trailers and moving floor trailers for this purpose. Kuijlen has four moving floor trailers in their fleet, two of which are K-Force Agri. This type of trailer was developed by Kraker specifically for agricultural applications. K-Force Agri is available in different sizes and with different capacities. You can also opt for a number of options that make agricultural work easier.

Kuijlen Transport

Features of K-Force Agri:

  • extra options specifically for the agricultural sector
  • shorter trailer and smaller volume
  • easy unloading in barns and sheds
  • easily manoeuvrable in farmyards with limited space

"The very first moving floor trailer we bought was a Kraker," started Niels Kuijlen. "We approached several brands and Timothy Wuyts of Kraker responded immediately. That provided an immediate positive view. The choice of moving floors was a conscious one. We bought a tipper once in the past, but it was not the best option, especially since we could not use them after the beet season. We use our moving floors to transport solid manure, compost, champost [mushroom compost] and other agricultural products. Our trailers are specials, both in terms of dimensions and specifications." Kuijlen's latest order underlines Niels' words, as this K-Force Agri has a rounded length of 12.5m and a capacity of 82.5m3. He selected several more options that come in handy when used in the agricultural sector, such as an automatic roller tarpaulin, additional working lights and a water tank with hose and water pistol to clean the trailer on the job.

Kuijlen ordered several Krakers between 2017 and 2022, which brought the total to four. Three of them are K-Forces.

Kuijlen was one of the first to opt for the Kraker folding bumper

Kraker launched the folding bumper in 2022, which was developed in-house.

This bumper offers a practical solution for height differences when unloading in bunkers, for example, or, as is the case at Kuijlen, when used in the field. In the folded position, you have about 15cm extra free ground clearance. The folded bumper falls outside the unloading area, which means that the bumper and lights are better protected during unloading. Moreover, no material remains behind on it. The pneumatically-lifted bumper can be operated manually with a button on the side of the trailer or with an optional remote control. Folding up the bumper, in combination with the air suspension in the highest position if necessary, puts your K-Force right above the unloading site, after which you can unload the cargo effortlessly.


Niels Kuijlen was one of the first to opt for the folding bumper. "The standard bumper was not really adequate for our work and I wanted to modify it. Timothy then told me about the new bumper. I went to have a look at the prototype at Kraker in Axel. I was impressed, but I also immediately said I only wanted it with a remote control," Niels said. "Our drivers are very satisfied with the bumper. In the country, the position of embankments, for example, differs from the height of the road surface. With the bumper in the lifted position, you have more ground clearance."

Video: How a folding bumper works

"Kraker moving floor trailers are widely used at Kuijlen"

Krakers are also widely used at Kuijlen. "After the season, we use our trailers to transport other products, such as waste. We couldn't do that with a tipper. I am convinced of Kraker's strength. Contacts are good, and the people are friendly in their dealings. Another strong point is the service points." Niels continued: "The fact that Kraker has a service point in Nisse, at KTTC, is geographically very convenient for Kuijlen. Our working area is Zeeland-West Brabant, so Nisse is perfectly situated. We have our own workshop in Roosendaal, where we do 90% of the maintenance. KTTC performs the specialist maintenance for Kuijlen."


The floor in K-Force is without a doubt the strongest in the market

The biggest wear point on a moving floor trailer is the floor, Niels pointed out, and he is right about that. This is also exactly why extra attention has been paid to this issue at Kraker. Kraker further developed the floor structure into a floor that functions effortlessly for years under the toughest conditions. In a Kraker floor, you will find the highest number of crossbeams connected to the sidewall with four bolt/nut connections. These crossbeams, combined with the cam guide, guarantee optimal floor support and guidance. On account of these and other developments Kraker applied to the floor, Masters in Moving Floor Trailers states without hesitation that K-Force's floor has the longest lifespan.