Hertsens very satisfied with personal approach Kraker Trailers

Hertsens very satisfied with personal approach Kraker Trailers

Hertsens is a family business in the true sense of the word. The company's founder, Hertsens Arnold, joined forces with his brothers in the agricultural sector in 1978. Ten years later, he founded a transport company. A good move, as the excellent service was soon noticed by the City of Antwerp, resulting in a large waste contract. So the company made its entry into the world of waste transport. And successfully so. Because in recent decades, Hertsens grew into one of the largest waste transporters in Belgium.

Hertsens Group

Much has happened within this enterprising family since 1978. There are 3 branches in which Hertsens, united under the name Hertsens Group, operates:

  • Hertsens transport
  • Hertsens real estate
  • Blitz (charging stations for electric cars)

For its transport business, the company makes full use of moving floor trailers, among other types of vehicles. The extensive fleet currently consists of nearly 200 trucks, some 300 trailers and dozens more crane lifts, forklifts and other machinery.

K-Forces adapted to waste transport

At Hertsens, the wide applicability of the Kraker vehicles is fully exploited.
Because not only waste is transported with the Hertsens trailers. Pallets, paper and wood dust are also regularly conveyed with these moving floor trailers.
As the emphasis is on waste transport, the trailers are all adapted to it. The side walls are reinforced with wear plates, a 1-piece hydraulic folding roof and a heavy-duty floor. The hydraulic roof offers several advantages. For instance, it is no longer necessary to climb on the platform to open or close the roof, you do this quickly and safely with one push of a button. Optionally, the roof can be operated remotely. Another big advantage of this roof is that it protects the side of the trailer when loading, as it lies flat against it.

At Hertsens, moving-floor trailers of two different brands are used. When we boldly ask manager Filip Hertsens, son of one of the founders, whether he prefers one of the two brands, he replies: "My preference is still for Kraker Trailers. My father bought them directly from Jan de Kraker. These days the contacts are through Jan Platteau. I think the big advantage of Kraker is that the trailers are easily adapted to our wishes. They think along with us".

Filip continued, "This year we bought 10 more K-Forces. The Kraker vehicles have a long life expectancy. With every order, we basically start again from scratch. The last purchased vehicle forms the basis from which we start to perfect the vehicles even further. This is why I say now that the perfect trailer does not exist. We keep seeing new points where the trailer fits us even better and Kraker always takes that on board".


With around 280 employees, Hertsens is a company and employer of considerable stature.

You can rightly say that the Hertsens family does not lack entrepreneurial spirit and insight. All companies under the group contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful world. Kraker Trailers is proud to count this fine company among its clientele.