Bosman and Kraker, a pragmatic, Zeelandic combination

Bosman and Kraker, a pragmatic, Zeelandic combination

Bosman Transport has been buying moving floor trailers from Kraker for decades already. Contact between the companies is efficient and focused on the further development of the K-Force, which has resulted in the perfect Bosman version. Zeeland's pragmatic approach is what characterises and unites the two companies.

As few empty kilometres as possible

Bosman transports bulk products, such as potatoes, vegetables, animal feed and fertiliser. Bosman also transports palletised goods with their Kraker trailers. They mainly operate in the Benelux, France, Germany and the UK. The aim is to drive as few empty kilometres as possible. The flexibility of Kraker trailers helps to make that happen. A trip to France, for instance, becomes more efficient if goods are transported on pallets to the outward journey and loose goods are transported to the return journey.

New K-Forces for Bosman

Bosman's current fleet consists of 110 tractors and 140 trailers. Of these, 80 are moving floor trailers. Almost all of the moving floor trailers are Krakers. The oldest Kraker that is still in operation at Bosman is about 10 years old, but these older Krakers will be replaced in phases by new K-Forces.

Bosman recently purchased 5 K-Force Agri with a length of 11.73 m and 8 standard K-Forces of 13.60 m. In Nisse they have some very specific requirements for their trailers. Over the years, Kraker has developed the perfect Bosman version. One example of the specific requirements is a low tare weight with a maximum load capacity, without compromising on quality. The Bosman trailers have a 6 mm floor, light side wall panels, a moving bulkhead covered with canvas instead of the aluminium version and aluminium rims. The trailers have a special coating on the inside to allow for the transport of bulk agricultural goods. Bosman decided on the Cramaro roof on the K-Force Agri for driver safety and comfort. The wireless remote control and a floor cover complete the Bosman configuration.

The reason for choosing the K-Force Agri is obvious, as these trailers are shorter and not as high. They are easier to manoeuvre in smaller farmyards and can pass under low silos or in warehouses with limited entry height.

AB Texel Group

In 2018, AB Texel Group from Texel acquired a majority stake in Bosman Transport. The company was incorporated into a new business unit within AB Texel Group, under the name G. Bosman Transport, along with the Zeeland transport companies Minnaard and Van de Swaluw. Management of that unit has been in the hands of Giljo, Wiebe Bosman and Wim Minnaard since 2018. Wiebe Bosman is the fourth generation in this truly Zeeland family business.