K-Force Steered offers you more convenience

K-Force Steered offers you more convenience

For some types of transport, you get to places where you could use some extra ease of steering. And that's when you choose Krakers K-Force Steered. This type is available with different steering systems. Each system has its own features and advantages. Van der Knaap from Wateringen opted for a K-Force Steered with VSE Advanced Steering.

Are you looking for extra ease of steering and better manoeuvrability?

A good steering system does more than just ensure more manoeuvrability. It allows you to use your vehicle more efficiently, losing less time in complex traffic situations. There is quite a lot of choice in steering systems. Your Kraker expert will be happy to help you find the system best suited to your specific situation. Overall, K-Force Steered offers the following advantages, regardless of the type of system:

  • extra load capacity
  • better manoeuvrability in various situations
  • less tyre wear
  • more efficient use of fuel

Originally, Van der Knaap is a family business. In 1980, Ron van der Knaap started the company, which at the time only manufactured press clods. The company soon needed to expand, so in the late 1980s it moved to a more future-proof location. In the years that followed, the product range expanded and so did the number of production locations. Van der Knaap soon acquired branches all over the world. For example, production facilities for various products were launched in Sri Lanka, Spain and Turkey. In a relatively short time, Van der Knaap positioned itself as an important player on the world market of, among other things, potting soil and substrates.

Kraker moving-floor trailers, among others, are used to transport the products. These Kraker trailers do their work in situations where space for manoeuvring is often minimal. That is why the company opted for a steering system on the trailers.

K-Force Steered

The latest trailer was collected from Kraker's factory in Axel at the beginning of March and has a VSE Advanced Steering steering system.

This is an electro-hydraulic steering system with an electrically driven pump mounted on the trailer. The electrical energy required for the system is supplied through the truck's 24V connection. In some cases, the system is supplied with batteries that are charged through the connection to the truck. Since the trailer has its own energy supply, it is easy to change trucks.

The VSE system is combined on the Van der Knaap trailer with a lift axle and an EBS-controlled lift axle.  Furthermore, the trailer has a smooth 21-plank 8mm floor and radio control for various functionalities.

Choice for Kraker

Ramon Olsthoorn has been driving "in potting soil" for years and knows better than anyone else the requirements that vehicles have to meet. So when Van der Knaap wanted to buy a new moving-floor trailer, it was the logical step to ask for Ramon's input and advice.

Ramon explains, "This Kraker is our 3rd moving-floor trailer. When we decided we needed a moving floor, we contacted Kraker. A company that drives for us is a Kraker customer. We ourselves also had experience with this brand, so we contacted Timothy Wuyts. He advised us very well. Personally, we were thinking of a shorter trailer (K-Force Agri, ed.) with one steering axle. But after talking to Tim, who explained the advantages to us very clearly, we chose a K-Force Steered with double VSE steering.”

Ramon picked up the trailer in Axel, but he is not its regular driver. "No, unfortunately I don't drive with this steering yet. Loading is never a problem, but when unloading, you sometimes think "a bit more steering would be easy." My colleague, who drives the Kraker, is full of praise. There are no problems, no breakdowns. He comes from a box truck, so working with a moving-floor trailer is still new to him. But I only hear positive stories. Definitely a good trailer!", concludes a satisfied Ramon.